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re: Guild Policy: Guild Bank

The Guild Bank is intended to be used by any and all DS guild members. We will stock the most commonly used items in the current tier of content. We try to make sure that we keep current consumables (flasks, food, scrolls, etc.), uncut gems and high level crafting materials stocked. We will not be stocking anything from old content.

Who has access?
Officers, Raid Leaders, & Champions will have access to remove things from the bank.

What do I do if I need something from the bank?
Contact someone who has access and if you ask nicely, they’ll get it for you. You do not have to put any request on the forums or do anything else. Do not be humble or shy. The stuff in the bank if for you to use, USE IT! If I find out you are buying mats to upgrade your gear from the AH, I will be very upset.

Can I deposit things?
Of course. We don’t require this, but if you want to, go nuts. Please put all deposits in Tab 1 and we will take care of it from there.

Are there going to be contests to win gold if I deposit stuff?
No, we are eliminating the weekly 1k gold contest for now. We do plan on having gbank contests on a larger scale with bigger prizes just not every week.

Deposit System:
If you click on the info tab under tab 1 of the guild bank, you will find a list of items that the guild bank will buy from you and their prices. These are items that are in need. So if you are a farmer of any type, check the list.

All you need to do is deposit it into tab 1 and then almost daily we will send payouts for what you deposited. No more farming and having you "maybe" get gold back via a contest. We are rewarding you for your hard work.

The prices we pay will obviously be less then what the market value is, BUT you will be getting guaranteed gold, avoiding the AH, and helping out the guild in the long run.

If you deposit something not on the list, you will NOT get paid and it will likely be sold to replenish gbank funds.

We ask that all BOE's that drop during DS raids be put in the guild bank.

Whenever a BOE is put in the guild bank, I will put a post on the forums. You have 1 week to show interest and for what toon you want it for. The hierarchy of who gets the piece can be seen at the bottom of this post.

However, RL's & Officers hold the right to award pieces to people based on current raid needs. (i.e. if we need an alt geared quickly because they will become our main tank).

Any piece that receives no interest will be sold.

Other guildlines:

- We ask that you only use stuff from the guild bank that upgrades your character. If you need mats to make a piece of gear for an upgrade or an enchant then go nuts. DO NOT take stuff from the bank to level your professions or to make something to sell on the AH. We WILL find out.

- Raid leaders are responsible for taking consumables from the bank for raids and then to disperse them to your fish-feast-putter-downer and cauldron-putter-downer.

- If you have been farming mats for feasts/cauldrons in the past and brought it straight to the raid, we'd like you to put it in the bank from now on first, and then have your RL pull the mats you need out for raids. I know it creates a circle with a middle-man (gbank) we don't need, but the middle-man will pay you gold for mats, so don't you want gold?

- Funds will be used for paying repair bills for regularly scheduled raids. The Guild Bank Manager (or other officer) may also use funds to replenish stock levels if needed through the AH.

- Current content materials and items (including gems and enchants) are FREE for main spec, main toon, full members and some alts on a case by case basis. Probationary members are required to pay HALF of the current AH price for these materials and items.

- Items in the Guild Bank are intended for member use only. Selling GB items on the AH, giving items to non-guild friends, or similar behavior is NOT acceptable.

- Members are encouraged (but not required) to contribute to the Guild Bank.

-Any loot coming from the guild bank for an alt must be cleared by an officer first. Same goes if you switch your main, clear everything through an officer, not a champion, before requesting items from guild bank. This will ensure we have enough stocks for mains.

The Leadership Team appreciates any help that any member is willing to contribute to the Guild Bank. We make every effort to provide community items and materials, but we do not have infinite resources. In the event that stocks are low or demand is high, we will always prioritize as follows:

1) Main spec, main toon full members
2) Off spec, main toon full members
3) Main spec, alt toon full members
4) Off spec, alt toon full members
5) Probationary members

If you have any questions about this topic or any other, please ask Hairynipz or an officer.

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re: Guild Policy: Guild Bank

I'm back, this is now all in effect. You will now get paid for stuff you deposit, but check the info tabs and make sure it's stuff we need.

If it's not on there, you can still deposit it, but you won't get paid.
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