Drunken Squirrels. We're drunk, but we're fuzzy!

Drunken Squirrels is a medium-core, 10-man, progression raiding guild on the US-Thrall PvE server.  We are a group of mature, working adults that believe that real life should always come first.  While we do keep things in perspective (WoW really IS just a game after all), we also take our raiding seriously.  Due to work, families and other real life commitments, our raid groups (yes, that is plural) typically only raid for about 6 hours per week (3hrs 2x per week).  For this reason, we have some dedicated and awesome raiders who show up with their A-game each and every week and know that standing in the fire is bad news.

We are more than just a raiding guild, though--we're a community.  With around 40+ members, active forums, and plenty of members who enjoy multiple facets of the game (PvP, achievements, alt-aholics, etc.), there's plenty here for everyone.  DS is also NOT a new guild.  Having been around since early BC days, we thrive on dedicated members who are here for the long-haul.  Guild hoppers need not apply.

If we sound like a group that you would enjoy playing along side, please fill out an app and say hello on our public forums.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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